In Japan♡

I loveee it. The hotel is a little small but the area is so nice. Food is cheap people are friendly and can I say I love it here.

Couple of hours

Plane is at 1 tomorrow. Nippon here I come! Ill be doing daily vlogs so (:

2 days!

Japan in 2 days! One thing I dread is the 13hr flight and stopover.. then 1hr 20 minute flight to osaka ;3;


Do my parents treat me like Im horrible. I go to university. I get decent grades. Above 80 with a 70 or rarely a 60 thrown in there. I work. Although not the best job. I dont do drugs or go to parties or drink. I come home on time, mostly. Like.. I okay I dont clean all the time but.. why are you always displeased with me. You keep comparing me to other people but when they do bad things you just ignore it and say you dont care about this person. Well clearly you do cause you just asked me why I cant be like them.

I am not them. I am sorry you got stuck with a daughter like me. I make mistakes all the time. But you make it seem like every little mistake I make of the end of the world.

You always treat me like a kid even though im 19. But you expect me to be an adult. Idk what you want from me..

Im just happy my significant other is with me all the time and is so sweet amd caring and ah what would I do without you.